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About SUG Diary

Is Global learning development initiative, With The Aim and objectives To establish and maintain an organization for the exchange of ideas and techniques on issues relevant to the development of business, talents, literacy, To promote business education programs through organizing seminars, symposium, workshops, lectures, trade-fair, debate and other public enlightenment programs

To create expertly and consistently demonstrate true story about our educational system via books, journals, magazine, social media, movies,beauty pageant etc. for rebuilding and re-positioning, improvements and promotions of literacy in our nation.


To channel our observations through books, journals, magazines, social media, Radio stations, movie, TV stations and recommend a way forward to the improvement of our education system and restoration of the lost values of educational standard in Nigeria.


To as much as possible present the true story and standard as currently obtain in our institutions. To especially enlightened parents, stakeholders and government to the present situation and to present the situation for correction

The Book: "S.U.G. diary"

Is a play written by embattled S.U.G. President of Ken Saro-Wiwa polytechnic? Comrade Okpukpo-Minimah Andy, the (Rector) through the Registrar unlawfully and wrongfully removed him from office as the students union president and also expelled him

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